Hello Readers,

Well once again time has gotten the best of me and I have not written a blog post in well over a month. Where to start? Hmm that is a good question.

…I guess the best place to start is where I left off last time….The Superbowl that is and a two week break from school. During the first week of my two week break I traveled to Köln to experience the legendary Karneval. I think this is one of those events that I could try to explain but would not come nearly close enough to doing the event justice. In short, it is a 4-5 day celebration where every SINGLE person dresses up, drinks, attends parades, and walks the streets. During Karneval practically anything goes. I saw people dressed up as everything from witches and chickens to superman and police officers. Like I said it is just one of those things you have to see to really understand.

Here are a few pictures from Karneval:


Camille and Emmy before the parade



After my two week break, I had to readjust to the whole “school” concept. While most people dread Mondays, I actually don’t mind them. I can’t say I really look forward to waking up at 6 after the weekend, but Mondays are my short school days. The Sunday before school started back up for me, I went to a castle with my host dad. No big deal. Afterwards we went to my host brother’s soccer tournament. I also told my host dad that I wanted to play handball, or at least try it out. That night as I sat down to watch TV with my host parents, my host dad mentioned to my host mom that I wanted to play handball. She was so excited and began to think of teams where I could possibly play. She ended up calling a former handball colleague of hers who is also my host brother’s math teacher. He coaches a team in the area, and said that I could come play. Little did I know that this team plays in one of the top leagues. Yes, I am athletic. No, I have never played handball before. My host mom took me to my first practice the next night. I had so much fun, but it was so tiring. By the end of practice I had done around 200 push-ups and run a ridiculous amount. But hey, I definitely held my own. My host mom, the coach, and the girls were all very impressed.

On Febraury 23rd my host brother had another soccer tournament. It was an all day thing, and he (and his team) played exceptionally well. Then on the 24th I went to watch the handball team that I have been practicing with. On the 25th we had our first outdoor soccer game. It was just a friendly match and the results, well I won’t speak of that. However, I will say that it was bitterly cold.

Last Saturday my host family and I went to see HSV (professional soccer team) in Hamburg. It was so cool, and I really enjoyed the day. Then on Sunday, my host dad’s parents and aunt and uncle came to Flensburg. We went to a local restaurant for breakfast. Mannn, was it good. Afterwards we went in to the city and walked around. With the transition in to spring, the shops are now open on Sundays. The weather was absolutely fabulous. The sun was shining, there were hardly any clouds in the sky, and I only needed a light jacket.

Last Monday and Tuesday’s weather was very much the same. Quite pleasant I would say. Today and yesterday have been the complete opposite. Yesterday we had a soccer game, and I couldn’t play ( I will get to that later)…therefore I had to sit in the freezing cold weather. It was awful. Today there is about 10 centimeters of snow, the wind is bitter, and it is cold to say the least. Today is also my host mom’s birthday. My host grandparents came over this morning for breakfast. Then I spent the better part of the morning preparing for her birthday celebration. I cut vegetables upon vegetables, and cheese, and who knows what else. The funny thing is is that the party is supposed to be a grill party. Too bad there is 10cm of snow outside. We have already adapted and plan on grilling in the garage.

Well, of all of the new things I thought I would experience in Germany…getting hurt was not on the top of my list. Two weeks ago we had our first outdoor soccer practice. The ground was frozen and it was quite cold outside. Out of instinct I went in for a slide tackle. I am not quite sure what happened after that, but I cut up both legs pretty badly. The next day my knee was quite swollen, and I could hardly walk. I went to the doctor and he said just to give it some time that it was just badly bruised, and that if it wasn’t better in a week to come back. Well, what do you know…it wasn’t better in a week. I went back to the doctor this past Thursday, and it is quite possible that I have torn my meniscus. I have another doctors appointment next week to see if it really is my meniscus. It is quite a bummer, because I can no longer play soccer and even worse I had just started handball and now that has also come to a halt.

Oh and as a side note: Back in May I was named the AAA State-Student Athlete of the Year for Georgia. Two weeks ago my plaque was finally finished, and I will now be up on the walls of Oconee County High School.

AAA State Student-Athlete of the Year

Anyways, I only have two weeks left of school and then SPRING BREAK. That also means my parents and Connor are coming soon! I am quite excited.

Here is also a picture of my class at school!

My class!

Unitl next time,

Me, obviously


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